USA – Turkey Visa Crisis

Process started with USA suspended to visa applications for Turkey on 8 October 2017. Soon afterwards Turkey answered to USA and stopped to visa application for USA.


As is known to all, USA indicated to security effects but background is different. According to process there are many reasons.

First of all I will talk about breaking news about Syria because main cause is İdlib city in Syria.  Syrian civil war was started at 2011 and many people died till the present day. Most of them migrated other country and some of big countries like USA, Russia and Iran started to  struggle for take a share in Syria.

When we look Turkey had to intervene Syria because they are border. There are many important points about war but we will look at the last developments. Turkey, Russia and Iran came together in Astana on 15 September 2017 and they decided to start operation to İdlib for conflictless area.

There was three conflictless area in Syria but now studies is started for fourth area. Three powerfull countries is going into Syria and USA will not just watch.  Also when Turkey enter the İdlib area can block to YPG mediterranean corridor.

Finally, in conjunction Metin Topuz is arrested within the  scope of Feb. 28 investigation, Usa- Turkey tension is rised. Thus many newspaper like The Guardian and Der Spiegel showed  this event a reason for visa crisis. But everbody know main struggle couse is Syria land and  Turkey never abandon own goals.


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